About Mineral Oil

Lubricants are produced by blending of base oils in various viscosity and different characteristics
with the wastes that inhibit corrosion, abrasion, foaming and oxidation, regulate viscosity index and
give physical and chemical features like dispersion and pressure resistance, in conformity to the
technical values stated in the national and international standards.

The base oils used in blending with technological waste packages ensuring the above stated features may be mineral base oils obtained from crude oil and synthetic base oils obtained from chemical processes.

Lubricators and lubricants, by forming a film between movable machine parts (gears, piston and
cylinder groups, rotating shafts and beddings) that operate by contacting to each other, prevent high temperature to occur during contact of metal to metal or metal to different materials and as a result of this, the surface deformations.

In today’s advanced technology, it is not meaningful to expect performance from lubricants to be produced by using direct mineral base and / or synthetic base oils without using waste packages, both on industrial machines and equipments and in the automotive industr

M OIL Lubricants are produced in conformity to all the technical values determined by the national
and international standards and specifications in product groups of gasoline and diesel engine oils,
automotive gear oils, industrial hydraulic system oils, gear oils, slide way oils, compressor and turbine oils, metal working oils.